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Lily & Madeleine - Fumes

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Catalog: AKR128 • Cover Art: Stacy Newgent, Layout by David J Woodruff.
Release date: October 28, 2014.
Preorder of CD/LP includes immediate download of "Wolf Is Free."
LP also includes download card with MP3.
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From the beginning, the Lily & Madeleine’s calling card has been the breathtaking and intuitive union of their voices. When the two come together in ecstatic and seamless “blood harmony,” it’s a sound that continues to haunt long after the songs are sung, leaving an electrical charge behind like a sparkling tracer in the air. When they step out individually as vocalists, Lily’s warm, smoky alto is the counterpoint to Madeleine’s crystalline, bell-like soprano.

Those who first fell in love with the disarming beauty of Lily & Madeleine’s voices on their debut EP “The Weight of the Globe” and their full-length follow-up “Lily & Madeleine” will find the same otherworldly harmonies on their new release Fumes. With ten dazzling tracks, this record finds the sisters once again teaming with esteemed producer and manager Paul Mahern and stellar songwriting collaborator Kenny Childers.

As the sisters have grown as people and artists, so has their sound evolved. The scope is broadened here. The music is expansive, the instrumentation multi-layered. This is an entrancing production that allows both singers to stretch out in new directions. Like the sun slanting through a window in a Vermeer painting, it’s an experience that captures the subtleties of both shadow and light.