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Chris Schlarb - Making The Saint


Catalog: AKR115 • Cover Art: Jason Munn 
Release date: May 27, 2014
CD & LP include immediate download of full album in MP3.
LP includes download card with MP3 and other formats.

 Making The Saint is my third full-length record.

I love small records. When I say “small record," I think of Sandy Bull's Fantasias for Guitar and Banjo, Bill Evans trio recordings at the Village Vanguard, Fripp & Eno's No Pussyfooting, or Thelonius Monk's Solo Monk. Each of these albums is simple. They're direct.

Making The Saint is a small record too. I didn't belabor it. The recording and mixing came quickly. I followed my instincts.

This album is also a spiritual retreat for me; a healthy and necessary separation after so many strong collaborations. If you're Sufist, you’d call this khalwa. In Japanese Zen Buddhism, it's called sesshin. The Santerian process of Asiento requires the initiate to dress in white garments and avoid physical contact for one year. Like so many have done before me, I forced myself into a state of inner solitude to find something new.

I hope you enjoy it, and you experience something simillar while listening. - Chris Schlarb 





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